Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Friday News - May 4

I know it is only Thursday, but here is your Friday News! 
I hope you enjoy your Friday off tomorrow - spending some quality time with family!

Here are a few quick updates: 
  • Our Field Trip to Bios on the Hill is next Friday! We need some parent volunteers -- if you are willing and able, please let me know! 
  • Please send in the signed permission slip as soon as possible. 
  • Reading/Book Fair posters -- use this weekend to paint them. Please bring them back to school next week. Here is the Parent Letter I sent home last week. 
  • We started using an educational website (for math, reading/writing, and typing practice) called There is a link at the top of my blog. If your child wants to do this at home our classroom access code is H97BV9 

This week in 3.1 we have been:

  - writing examples and reasons to support our opinions (writing). 

  - finding the areas and perimeters of shapes and figures (math). 

  - creating Native American inspired totem poles (social studies). 

  - reading stories of the Israelites and how God was always with them in the desert (Bible).

  - reading & describing the characters and main events in our reading fair books (reading). 
  - observing our plants and marvel at how much they have grown! (science).

A look at next week....

Spelling Words: Lesson 33: Final Syllables with -le
title       riddle     jungle     buckle     people     temple     rumble     trouble     capable     able     settle     handle     double     shuttle    whistle     sample     sparkle     vegetable     planets     history

CHALLENGE WORDS: genre - a type or category of book (ex: historical fiction, fantasy, mystery, nonfiction, etc.)
photosynthesis - the process where plants use sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to create their food (sugar)

Bible Memory Verse:
John 3:19
Here is the judgment. Light has come into the world,
but people loved the darkness instead of light.
They loved darkness because what they did was evil.

Have a safe and wonderful long weekend!
Happy Children's Day....and Star Wars Day :)

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