Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Tomorrow is Elementary Field Day! Parents, please come out and enjoy this fun day! You may come for part or all of the day's activities. 

Here are a few reminders:  
1. Field Day Activities begin at 9:00 am and end around 11:30. 

2. Every child needs to bring a HOME LUNCH お弁当. Parents, you can bring your lunch too BECAUSE after field day is done we will all walk down to the Sera-en park right under the school to have a picnic.

3. After the picnic, we will stay and play at the park until around 2 pm. If you come and join us, you are welcome to take your child home anytime after 11:30 am. Please let me know if you want to take your child home. The rest of the students will come back to my classroom at 2 pm to rest until 3 pm for dismissal.

4. Please make sure your child has a: water bottle, green OCSI T-shirt, hat, sunscreen, home lunch! 

Hope to see you tomorrow! 

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