Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday News - Feb. 9

Happy Friday! 

In Math we finished up Chapter 9 (Properties & Equations) and our first math book! Next week we will get a brand new (thinner) math book -- volume 2. We will start fractions. Here is a short video I found to introduce fractions! 

In Reading we have been working on finding the MAIN idea and supporting details of the things we read.

In Science we are taking on a big project of making 'shoe box' ecosystems! I have divided up the students into the main ecosystems/biomes of the world. We will be creating a miniature model of these ecosystems. Next week we will work on these. I sent a note home that if you want to help send in some supplies to fill these boxes that would be awesome! But please feel no pressure to do so!! I have enough basic supplies and the students can always be creative with how they make animals, plants, and other scenery in their ecosystem. 
Here are a few examples I found online...

A look at next week....
Spelling Words: Lesson 21 (R-controlled Vowels: eer, err, ur, ure)

nurse     hurry     cheerful     curve     turns     deer     nature     steer     error     merry     purpose     pasture     surprised     errand     adventure     picture     purse     fracture     bottom     straight 

CHALLENGE WORDS = Pharaoh - king of Egypt

service - the action of helping or doing something for someone

Bible Memory Verse:
1 Peter 4:10
God's gifts of grace comes in many forms. Each of you has received a gift to serve others.
You should use it faithfully.

Upcoming Dates: 

Next week = Service Week! 
** Tuesday-Thursday 3rd-5th grade will get the opportunity for some Athletes in Action! High school students will be organizing and playing sports with the upper elementary during the afternoon of those 3 days next week.
** There will be NO specials all next week (no P.E., Music, Art, or Japanese). We have rescheduled a library time -- our library next week is on FRIDAY

2/14 - Valentine's Day
** If you want to bring in Valentine's please bring one for everyone in the class. There are 18 total students. Thank you for your help on making this a fun day -- please remember to include everyone & make this a fun-filled day as we celebrate love and friendship! This was sent home in Friday Folders: 

2/19 - NO SCHOOL (Presidents' day) 

2/28 - 3rd Quarter Progress Reports 

February 26 - March 2 is READING WEEK! Check out our ES Connections blog for more information on this fun-filled week --

Have a lovely weekend!

As always, please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns. We have a a lot going on in these next couple of weeks! 

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