Thursday, February 1, 2018

Friday News - Feb. 2

Happy Friday! 

Report cards were sent home today (sorry again for sending them a day late). Please keep the report card, sign the blue folder and return that blue folder back to school as soon as you can. 
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me!

A look at next week....
Spelling Words: Lesson 20 (R-controlled Vowels: air, ear, er, ir)

airport     skirts    chair     early    answer    upstairs    heard     fearful    thirteen   shepherd    nearly     together    stir    silver     first     learn     stairs    covered    
engine    symbol  

CHALLENGE WORDS = ecosystem - all the living and nonliving things interacting within an environment

variable -(in math) a letter or symbol used to represent an unknown quantity

Bible Memory Verse:
Nehemiah 9:10

You sent miraculous signs and wonders against Pharaoh, against all his officials and all the people of his land. You knew how they treated our people. You made a name for yourself, which remains to this day.

Upcoming Dates: 

2/19 - NO SCHOOL (Presidents' day) 

2/28 - 3rd Quarter Progress Reports 

February 26 - March 2 is READING WEEK! Check out our ES Connections blog for more information on this fun-filled week --

**Stay tuned for more information coming about Valentine's Day, Reading Week, and Country Report Projects starting (all coming up this month of February!!) 

Have a superb weekend!

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