Thursday, January 25, 2018

Friday News - Jan. 26

Happy No School Friday! :) 

Monday we will start a fresh new 3rd quarter! 

In Math we finished up Chapter 8: Applying Multiplication and Division. In our next chapter we will learn about properties and equations

In Reading we talked about why authors write....AUTHORS' PURPOSE. We talked about PIE -- 3 big reasons why authors write. To Persuade, Inform, Entertain.   


When I was back in the States over Christmas break I was blessed to see my grandparents and spend time with them. Both my grandpas love to work with wood and create things -- so they sent me back to Okinawa with a little gift to my students. Yesterday, I gave each student a small wooden car that my grandpas made. My grandpas make hundreds of these cars every year and they send them all over the world to children in need (poor children, orphanages, etc.). 
My grandpas would be overjoyed to know that each one of my 3rd graders have one of their wooden cars.

A look at next week....
Spelling Words: Lesson 19 (R-controlled Vowels: ar, are, or, ore, our)

forgotten     shortest     market     careful     depart      corner    course    worry    share      yours     warm     fourth    report    before     storms     worker     warning     seashore      mountain    noisy  

CHALLENGE WORDS = illustration - a visual representation (picture or diagram) of something

diagram - an illustration (drawing or picture) that explains the parts or makes something clear

Bible Memory Verse:

Psalm 135:5-6
"I know that the Lord is great. I know that our Lord is greater than all gods. The Lord does anything he wants to do in the heavens and on the earth." 

Upcoming Dates: 

1/28 - Last day to order Scholastic books (Engbers 3.1 - online

2/1 - Report Cards sent home 

2/19 - NO SCHOOL (Presidents' day) 

2/28 - 3rd Quarter Progress Reports 

February 26 - March 2 is READING WEEK! Check out our ES Connections blog for more information on this fun-filled week --

Have a splendid weekend! 

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