Thursday, November 2, 2017

Friday News - Nov. 2

It was so wonderful to see all of you today! Wow I am blown away by what incredible parents our 3.1 class has. Thank you so much for coming and taking time out of your day to meet with me. :) 
Again, if you have any questions or concerns about anything please let me know. 

Here are a few things we've been learning this week in 3.1....

In Math we our working through ch. 5 on Understand Division. Next week we will wrap up this chapter on understanding division and take a test. Here's a video that talks about division as sharing

In Reading we looked at the strategy of Tune Into Interesting Words. Good readers work on expanding their vocabulary, meaning finding new words and learning what they mean! I love to learn new words and my hope is that all our students do too -- that's a huge way we GROW as readers! Keep working with your child to learn more words! 

In Bible we've been talking about Abraham. The biggest theme we learned from Abraham's story is that GOD ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES! He promised Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son, and although they had their doubts (both of them were really old) God did not fail them! They had a baby boy named Isaac---out of this son God established the nation of Israel. 
I know posted this last week, but it is a well done video that reinforces our theme....GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES! :) 

In Science we learned about weathering and erosion. We even did a little science experiment on erosion. They worked in partners to create land-forms (mountains, hills, valleys, etc.) out of sand and then, using a cup with holes in it, "rained" water onto their land-forms, observing how the water eroded their land-form. Here are a few pictures: 

We also had a special treat....Mrs. Roe came and read to our class this week! What a wonderful principal we have! :) 

A look at next week...

Spelling Words: Lesson 11 (3-letter consonant spelling patterns)

splinter     squeak     thrill     scratch     Christian     splashed     thread     throat     three
Christmas     strong     sprinkle     shrimp     squall     shrink    struggle     spray    school special     laugh   

CHALLENGE WORDS =   squirrel   
Bible Memory Verse -

1 Peter 2:12 b

But lead good lives among them.  
Then they will see your good deeds and they will
give glory to God on the day that he comes to judge.

Upcoming Dates: 

11/11 - Walk-a-thon & Holiday Market 
It will be a fun day with Walk-a-thon in the morning and the Holiday Market following! Hope to see you all there!! 
For more information you can go here:

11/13 - NO SCHOOL 

11/22-24 - NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Holiday 

12/6 - 12:30 dismissal for students --- Christmas Program!! 

12/15 - 12:30 dismissal for students -- CHRISTMAS PARTY!! 

12/16 - 1/3 - Christmas Vacation 

1/4 - School resumes  

Have a splendid weekend!

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