Thursday, October 5, 2017

Friday News - Oct. 6

Hello from 3.1 and Happy Autumn! 

Here's a few things we've been learning this week...

In Math we are continuing to work on 3-digit and 4-digit subtraction, especially with regrouping. Next week we will finish up ch. 3 and take a test on subtraction. 

In Reading we looked at the strategy of Making a Mental Image in our heads as we read....basically watching a movie in our head as we read a story! 

In Writing we are continuing to work on writing personal narratives. As good writers we can think of places and people who are important to us and think of small moments related to those people and places -- then the stories just start flowing!  

In Science we have learned about the different layers of soil. We also learned about earthworms and how good they are for the soil! 

In Bible we have been talking about the Fall; how Adam and Eve first sinned and what happened because they sinned. Although sin separates us from God we have HOPE in Jesus. Yup, through the family tree of Adam and Eve Jesus came to save the world from sin and bridge the gap between us and God. We will continue readings stories from the beginning of the Bible (Genesis) next week. 

A look at next week...

* No spelling words OR Bible Memory verse this short week! 
Well that was short and easy :) 

Upcoming Dates: 

10/9 - NO SCHOOL Monday (Teacher Work Day) 

10/13 - Field Trip to Okinawa World!! 
**Again, if you would like to volunteer to go with us please let me or Mrs. Carrie Young know NOW! I appreciate the parents who have volunteered to come with us! * I will be putting students into groups and each group will have a parent volunteer with them.  Please let me know if you have a problem taking a small group of students. I will be emailing you with more details regarding the field trip. 
Again, If you are coming with us as a parent the cost will be 1,440 yen. For more information you can go here:

Here is a rough schedule for what we will do on Friday: 
8:45 am  -- leave OCSI 
9:45-ish -- arrive at Okinawa World
10 - 10:50 -- explore the caves
11:00 -- watch snake (Habu) show 
11:30 -- lunch at the Eisa Plaza & time to explore Kingdom Village (if students are with parents/teachers) 
12:30 -- watch Eisa dance show
1-ish pm -- leave Okinawa World
2 pm -- arrive back at school

*Please have your child wear their green Friday t-shirt and bring a sack lunch 

10/27 - First Quarter Ends 

11/3 - NO SCHOOL -- Parent/Teacher Conferences 

11/11 - Walk-a-thon & Holiday Market 

11/13 - NO SCHOOL 

11/22-24 - NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Holiday 

Have a splendid long weekend. 

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