Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday News - Oct. 27

Happy Last Day of the 1st Quarter! 
Wow, time is certainly flying by! 

Here's a few things we've been learning this week in 3.1....

In Math we finished our unit on understanding multiplication. Next step, DIVISION! These first 2 chapters on multiplication and division are simply exploring what they are. We will continue to learn our multiplication and division facts in these next few chapters of math. 

In Writing we continue to work on writing true stories! We had some time for a few students to share their writing with the class: 

In Bible we started to talk about Abraham and how God made a covenant (promise) with Abraham -- telling him how he will have many children, he'll be the father of a great nation, and the world will be blessed by him and his family. Here is a pretty neat video that talks about Abraham and Sarah. 

A look at next week...

Spelling Words - Lesson 10 (consonant blends and silent letters) 
halftime     silky     helper     lamb     crumb     yourself     calf     Psalms     gulped     fields     building     cornstalk     melted     world     built     climber     palm     calmed     nothing     machine

CHALLENGE WORDS:    weathering  - wear away or change the appearance of something
                                          participate - to join with others in an activity or event 
Bible Memory Verse -
Genesis 17:7
I will make my covenant with you last forever.
It will be between me and you and your family after you for all time to come.
I will be your God. And I will be the God of all your family after you.

Upcoming Dates: 

11/3 - NO SCHOOL -- Parent/Teacher Conferences ** I am excited to meet with all of you and celebrate the growth your child has made in this first quarter! 

11/11 - Walk-a-thon & Holiday Market 
It will be a fun day with Walk-a-thon in the morning and the Holiday Market following! 
For more information you can go here:

11/13 - NO SCHOOL 

11/22-24 - NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Holiday 

12/6 - 12:30 dismissal for students --- Christmas Program!! 

12/15 - 12:30 dismissal for students -- CHRISTMAS PARTY!! 

12/16 - 1/3 - Christmas Vacation 

1/4 - School resumes  

Have a fantastic weekend!

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