Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday News - Sep. 29

Happy Friday! 
We had yet another great week here in 3.1! 

In Math we are working on subtraction. We learning about how in some story problems we can find estimates (rounded answers) and in others we need to find exact answers. We will continue working on subtraction next week -- you can help your child by practicing subtracting 3 and 4-digit numbers! (Also, XtraMath is a great tool -- please try to use it at home) 

In Reading we have been reading to ourselves, reading to a friend, and listening to reading! Our reading strategy has been how can we RETELL stories? We can retell a story we have read by naming the setting, the characters, the problem, what happened in the beginning, middle, end and how the problem was solved. 

In Writing we started Writer's Workshop! We decorated our awesome writer's notebook journals and started writing about people and places that are important in our lives....KEEP UP THE WRITING! 

Science ROCKS because we are learning about rocks! We have learned the rock cycle, the three types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic), and about properties of rocks -- the kids became rock investigators and chefs! 

In Bible we finished up our Creation story unit -- creating our mobiles of each day of creation. Parents, hopefully you got to see them because the students are bringing them home today in their Friday Folders.

Speaking of Friday Folders...please look in them! There are a lot of things. I sent home a permission slip for our field trip. Please fill out, sign and return to school as soon as you can. Also, Terra Nova test results from last year, next week's spelling words and memory verse, spelling tests, Days of Creation mobile....take a look! 

A look at next week...

Spelling Words - Lesson 7 (long o: o, oa, oe, o_e, ow) 
post    coast    toe    cove    below    mold    motor    coach   rope   alone   slowly   throw   chosen    follow     stroke    rowboat    tomorrow    opening   minutes    pumpkin 

CHALLENGE WORDS:   difference - the answer to a subtraction problem 
Bible Memory Verse -
Romans 3:23-24
Everyone has sinned. No one measures up to God's glory.
The free gift of God's grace makes us right with him.
Christ Jesus paid the price to set us free.

Upcoming Dates: 

10/9 - NO SCHOOL

10/13 - Field Trip to Okinawa World!! 
**Permission slips came home today in your child's Friday Folder. Please fill out, sign, and return to school as soon as possible.  
**Again, if you would like to volunteer to go with us please let me or Mrs. Carrie Young know and check the box on the permission slip. Also let us know if you would like to ride the bus with us or drive separately. There is limited space on the OCSI bus, so only a few parents will be able to ride with us. If you are coming with us as a parent the cost will be 1,440 yen. For more information you can go here:
We will be exploring the caves, watching a snake (habu) show, eating lunch (sack lunch), and watching an Eisa dance! 

10/27 - First Quarter Ends 

11/3 - NO SCHOOL -- Parent/Teacher Conferences 

11/11 - Walk-a-thon & Holiday Market 

11/13 - NO SCHOOL 

11/22-24 - NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Holiday 

Have an amazing weekend! 

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